Killala (Cill Ala)


Your puppy will have been health checked and if appropriate back dew claws removed by our local veterinary practice - Rutland Veterinary Centre

We don't allow our puppies to leave until they are at least 9 weeks of age.

It is believed that vaccinating puppies before they are 12 weeks old can destroy their immune system, and until they are 12 weeks old they have a natural immune system from mum, and so we don't now vaccinate until this age.  There is also much talk about annual boosters and their necessity and it is believed that we are all over vaccinating.  Of course each of us must make our own informed decisions for the long term health of our dogs.

When you take your new pup to see your vets they will discuss vaccinating with you and of course we are happy to talk to you about it.  Don't let a vet bully you into doing something you are not happy with as some are very set in their ways.

We use Advocate drop on for flea and worm treatment, and your record card will show when your puppy is next due.